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What Other Stones are Popular for an Engagement Rings The most popular stone for an engagement ring has not always been the diamond. Other than the diamonds being recorded in the past centuries as betrothal rings, other stones were famous too for this purpose like rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The preferred gemstones among the rich in the past centuries were the coloured gemstones. For example, the British Royal Family has the tradition of using coloured gemstones and not particularly using diamonds for their engagement rings. In our modern times, more couples are trending to use the coloured gemstones to signify their love for each other, rather than using diamonds.
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Gemstones are representing their own language in the same way as various flowers have different meanings too. In this case, a couple can choose the gemstone depending on what they want to convey more to their love one. It is beautiful to imagine what a certain stone would represent. You might like to know that rubies signify passion, energy, strength and love. On the other hand, yellow sapphires together with diamonds represent sociability, enthusiasm and optimism. Meanwhile, pearls and moonstones that are paired with diamonds would mean innocence and simplicity, and having only the emeralds would represent harmony, good luck and peace. If you choose sapphire alone, it would mean strength, truth and good health. The gemstones use on engagement rings therefore hold special meaning to individuals concern.
Learning The Secrets About Sales
The practical reasons of durability and strength of sapphire has made it a popular choice. These attributes of the sapphire stones categorized them as hard stones, which means even with house use they are not easily scratched, chipped or damaged. Sapphires also comes in various colours like blue, pink, yellow, purple, lavender, green, orange, brown and even white. These qualities of a sapphire stone, its diversity in colour, durability, brilliance and clarity, makes it a tough rival to a diamond stone for engagement ring purpose. Meanwhile, a strong green emerald also makes a beautiful engagement ring. There is no equal to the magical intensity of an emerald because of its greenness that makes it different and absolutely beautiful. The emerald stones can be cut and shaped into beautiful pieces and you just have to get the right mix to create a spectacular emerald engagement ring setting. Most of the well known shapes for the emerald stones are rounded, pear, oval and marquise. With all these choices of gemstones, their cuts and settings, and with your choice of your preferred price range, you are off to create your dream engagement ring. For couples embarking into a new life together, choosing a perfect engagement ring is a very important thing to do which requires time and patience.

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